Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Do you want a close personal relationship with your doctor? Unhurried visits? The ability to speak to your doctor after hours or weekends? Access by phone, email, text, or video? Cheaper meds and labs? Click here to learn more!

Lifestyle Medicine

Looking to improve your health? Take fewer meds? Lose weight? Reverse diabetes or heart disease? Control inflammation/autoimmune disease? Decrease pain? Live a longer, healthier life? Click here to learn more!

Osteopathic Manipulative  Treatment

If you have pain or decreased function, or are looking to optimize your health and wellbeing without medications, click here for literal hands-on treatment!

Palliative Care

For those diagnosed with a life limiting condition who would like supportive care, symptom management, and/or guidance on decision making, click here to learn more. 

"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease." 

A.T. Still MD, DO

Philosophy of Osteopathy

Taking care of your health

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