To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.

A.T. Still MD, DO

Philosophy of Osteopathy

What is Direct Primary Care?


Comprehensive & Convenient

Direct Primary Care is membership medicine. For a low monthly (or annual) fee, it includes full spectrum primary care for anyone from age 16 to 100+: Annual physical exams, urgent care type visits, health coaching, and lifestyle medicine are all included.  Palliative and geriatric focused care is available as appropriate.  Osteopathic treatments are available at a discount to members. You can email me your questions, send a quick text, or have a phone/video visit if that’s what works best for you. Or schedule a clinic visit - without waiting weeks or months.  My office is usually open Monday through Friday, and I often have visits within the week.  Visits are unhurried, 30-60 minutes for follow-up and 90 minutes for new patients, so you have time to discuss what is important to you.



We all have unique health concerns and goals.  I am here to discuss YOUR goals and tailor your care.  This is not Big Box corporate medicine.  This is customized care.


Great value

It’s simple - I do not nickel and dime you with co-pays and surprise fees.  There is a non-refundable enrollment fee, and the membership fee (monthly or annually) which covers all of the primary care that I provide.  Not included are specialty services such as OMT (osteopathic manipulative treatment), which is available for a discount, and any outside healthcare/medical services provided by other clinicians (hospitals, surgeries, emergencies, specialists, tests, imaging, etc.).   

I also offer discounted labs and wholesale medications, which can save a few to a few hundred dollars a month. I even keep a few medications on hand, in case I need to send you home with antibiotics or something else same day. Having no barrier to access and care means that you can come in to be PROACTIVE with your health, rather than reactive to illness.


What is covered/not covered?

See the DPC services tab for a more complete list, or email for specific questions. 

If you have a laceration and I staple or stitch it, it's included.  If you need a urinalyisis or rapid strep, this is also included.  If I do a procedure, there may be a nominal charge to cover the cost of medication/equipment, but you will know ahead of time.  If I do a biopsy and send it to a lab for pathology, my service of the biopsy is included, but the pathology/lab will be billed. You can either pay a discounted cash rate, or use your insurance as usual - up to you.  If I can find a service for a discounted rate (for example, a CPAP machine or Cardiac Monitor), I will let you know.  If you want to use your insurance, I’m happy to order through that route.  If you go to the hospital or ER, they will bill you/your insurance as usual.  A few local specialists also do direct cash services, but most specialists bill insurance. I have a limited number of flu shots each fall/winter available to members.

How does it work?

I do NOT bill insurance or any third party payor, so I will see you REGARDLESS of what insurance you have or do not have. (You can still use your insurance for labs, tests, imaging, hospitals/ER, specialists, and services outside of my office.)

For LESS THAN $1000/year - far less than most insurance deductibles - you can have comprehensive primary care with a physician that knows and cares about you. DPC is different than concierge (no insurance or co-pays, and generally less expensive). DPC is also NOT insurance, so it is still recommended to have at least a catastrophic plan for emergencies, etc. But you do not need insurance to see me. 

You pay a one-time enrollment fee of $100.  You pay the monthly fee.  I request a minimum of a 3 month commitment, but I hope you’ll love the DPC model and Vineyard Health and stay with me for years and years.  I want to build relationships, and to be of service to my patients and my community, for the long term.

Cheers to great health!


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