Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Personalized, Comprehensive Care

​Covered Services:

Annual Physicals

Visits/exams for urgent and regular follow up

Pre-operative exams

Phone calls, emails, texts

Nutrition & Lifestyle counseling

Chronic Illness Management

Palliative Care

OMT (osteopathic manipulative treatment)

Laceration repair (glue, staples, stitches)

Pap Smear**


Urine Dip

Strep test

Pregnancy Test

These additional services will be added as the practice grows (no additional expense to the members):

Breathing Treatments


Finger Stick Glucose, Lipids/Cholesterol

Joint Injections

Cyst removal/drainage

Skin biopsy/ Lesion removal** 

Ingrown Toenail Removal


And more…


Services Not Covered:

Medications (wholesale costs for direct pay)

Lab Work (discounted labs available for direct pay)

Radiological Studies (discounted services available)

**Pathology Fees (discounted for direct pay)


Any care/services not provided by your DPC physician within the normal scope of primary care (including any care outside this office, by other healthcare professionals, other offices or facilities, or services provided by other entities).