Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Personalized, Comprehensive Care

Covered Services:

Annual Physicals

Visits/exams for urgent and regular follow up

Pre-operative exams

Phone calls, emails, texts

Nutrition & Lifestyle counseling

Chronic Illness Management

Palliative Care

OMT (osteopathic manipulative treatment)

Laceration repair (glue, staples, stitches)

Pap Smear**


Urine Dip

Strep test

Pregnancy Test

These additional services will be added as the practice grows (no additional expense to the members):

Breathing Treatments


Finger Stick Glucose, Lipids/Cholesterol

Joint Injections

Cyst removal/drainage

Skin biopsy/ Lesion removal** 

Ingrown Toenail Removal


And more…


Services Not Covered:

Medications (wholesale costs for direct pay)

Lab Work (discounted labs available for direct pay)

Radiological Studies (discounted services available)

**Pathology Fees (discounted for direct pay)


Any care/services not provided by your DPC physician within their normal scope of care (other healthcare professionals, other offices or facilities, services provided by other entities).

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