Frequently asked questions

Do you take Medicare patients?

Unfortunately, Medicare rules prevent me from seeing patients on or eligible for Medicare.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine focuses on nutrition and diet, activity and exercise, mindfulness, sleep, and other health-promoting lifestyle changes, and includes review of labs and other relevant data. This is not primary care, and does not include treatments or prescriptions. I provide a summary of our visit recommendations for you to keep, and that you can use to discuss with your primary care doctor. All visits are done via an online portal using your smart phone or laptop. I will request a copy of any labs or tests you would like to review together. Consultations can be individual or as a package.

Do you take insurance?

I do not bill any insurance. My pricing is direct pay. You are welcome to submit my bill for reimbursement, but I make no guarantee that my services will be reimbursed, and I do not complete additional/outside forms for this purpose.

What are Allergy Treatments and how does this work?

As a sufferer of allergies most of my life, I know how miserable seasonal/environmental allergies can be. My undergraduate studies were in microbiology and immunology (after I switched from biochemistry/nutrition). I remember in class learning about our immune system and allergies, and thinking that there should be a pollen pill or something that we could ingest to help our bodies learn to react differently to allergens. If only I had known at the time that indeed there is a treatment like this - sublingual immunotherapy (aka SLIT). I've started my own journey with this and am happy to help others on this journey as well. The entire program takes 4-5 years. It is as effective allergy shots. Because it is not FDA approved treatment at this time, it is not covered by insurance. Nonetheless, I find it to be less expensive than spending the next 20 years or more buying allergy medications and tissues and suffering anyway. The lab tests may be covered by insurance, you are welcome to ask your insurance provider, or have your PCP order the tests, or I am happy to order the labs for you for a discounted direct pay price. Please ask if you have other questions.

Where can you treat patients? Is it limited to patients in California?

Due to state licensing laws, I am limited to treating patients with a residence in California (I have a California license only). Also, I cannot treat patients via this online platform if they live in the Lompoc area (within 30 miles of Lompoc Valley Medical Center).