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DPC for better access, care, and cost

Well, opening your own clinic from scratch is quite the learning experience. Lesson #1, it takes more time than you plan or hope. Okay, got it. Add a cushion, and then know that it still won't be quite enough. Lesson #2, there are always more items to add to the "To Do" list. My list keeps growing. The more I learn or discover, the more I add to it. Lesson #3, DPC (Direct Primary Care) takes a while for people to understand and really "get it." I can explain it a few ways, but there seems to be confusion with concierge medicine, and capitation, and all kinds of other things that are associated with "healthcare" nowadays. There was a recent JAMA article by someone not personally familiar with DPC that really came off negatively. And the most frustrating part of it is that this is someone with no personal experience with DPC, writing from an "academic" viewpoint with entirely mistaken assumptions. So glad that Kenneth Q, a family medicine resident, took the time to write a thoughtful response, which I think is also educational in explaining DPC to those unfamiliar with the concept, or struggling to understand it. I'm posting the link here so that anyone interested can read his rebuttal and have a better understanding of DPC. I have rediscovered my passion for personalized medicine and primary care thanks to DPC. This is where the idea of the old school country doctor meets modern day technology, allowing for the best of both worlds. A physician who gets to know you, your goals, your preferences, and someone who takes the time to build a real relationship. Unlike today's big box clinics, where you are pushed through in the 5-7 minute visit, allowed 1 problem per visit (now you have to make another appointment to discuss your 2nd and 3rd questions!), and referred to a specialist for everything, because doctors are no longer given enough time to actually manage your care themselves - they have become referral machines, with a pill for every ill and a referral for every issue.

Read the link to better understand the real motivation and goal of Direct Primary Care. And as always, email me with any questions about DPC or any of my other areas of interest - lifestyle medicine, plant-based nutrition, osteopathic treatment, palliative care.

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