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Welcome to Vineyard Health!

Hi all! Thank you for visiting my webpage. I hope you are interested in optimal health and amazing care, because that is what Vineyard Health is all about. First, a couple of quick questions/answers: Yes, Vineyard really is my last name. No, you do not have to join the membership/DPC to see me for Nutrition/Lifestyle counseling or OMT, it can be per visit. But, I recommend you join my awesome practice as a DPC member, as my primary care practice panel will be limited to only 500 patients to start, and I am a fun and informative physician! I like to educate on your medical issues and to answer your questions. I think information is empowering, and hopefully it will help you get and stay healthy. I am starting small, so it's just me - I will be answering the phones and doing the billing. I am lucky to be part of a growing movement of physicians taking back medicine from third party interference, so I have a lot mentors to help me grow. The DPC movement is alive and well, and I invite you to join us and benefit from the personalized attention and care that DPC brings!

DPC = Direct Primary Care

OMT = Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

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